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Hiring: Looking for Love
Moon River

The work place can be filled with many different experiences. These experiences can range from learning new things to meeting new people to traveling to new places. But one thing that most people don’t expect is to find love at work. According to a survey on office romance done by, “43% of workers in United States say they’ve dated a fellow employee; of those, 34% reported getting hitched.” I believe that love can find you anywhere even at work.

The main reason I believe this is because it happened to me. In October of 2007 I was in search of a job. A friend from church, Faye, called and told me about a job that was in my field of study, computers. The only issue was that I had to move out to Tracy, from Hayward. Faye told me the man that owned the business was close to my age and that we might hit it off. I knew that she was joking at the time but maybe she was predicting the future. I didn’t hesitate to call and set up a time that we would meet for an interview.

The interview was not at all what I expected. I expected a building with a store front not just a suite in a complex. Faye did tell me that it was a small business, but I expected to see many employees there, except when I walked in there was only one employee, and it was the owner’s mother, Joan. I also didn’t expect to meet the love of my life. Joan told me to just go in to the office. When I walked in to the office that was when I saw Brandon for the first time. He really did look like he was close to my age, and cute. We talked about what the job required and then I left, the whole interview lasted about 30 minutes. When I was walking out the door I felt confident and cheerful. I felt like I had just found my dream job, and I also would be working with a really cool person.

Within two weeks I was hired and moving to a new town. The first day at my new job Brandon gave me a short training on how the business operated. All I could think about was not messing up. As the day went on I learned so much; a good deal more than I did going to school for the two years prior to that. When lunch time came around Brandon asked me what I wanted and then went and got lunch for us. When it was time to clock out and close up shop I had nothing to do. I was just going to go home and read or finish unpacking. During the day Brandon and I were talking about video games, I mentioned that I had a Nintendo Wii. Brandon asked if we could play it, because he had never played one. I ended up going home at 2am that night, and almost every night after that.

Our relationship was a surprise to everyone, including us. Well maybe not Faye. All of his friends would say that we would be a good couple and would ask us if we liked each other. We would deny it to everyone. One night, about two months after I started working there, Brandon and I were playing video games and watching TV when we started talking about what his friends would all say. After talking for a couple of hours we finally accepted the fact that we really did have feelings toward each other. Ever since then we have been inseparable.

It has been almost two years, we are in love and we live together. Working together has made us a very close couple. Brandon is my best friend along with the love of my life. This is one experience that I am glad I had. Work brought us together, love will keep us together.



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