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Life’s a bitch until you die.

I Have a Secret. A Good One.

101 Things in 1001 Days
101 in 1001

 Living Life

1. Dress Up for No Other Reason but to Feel Nice (8/27/10)
2. Stay Up All Night and Watch the Sunrise (1/24/10)
3. Go to a Spa
4. Make a New Friend (9/26/09)
5. Clean out Closet and Dresser
6. Identify 5 Bad Habits and Work on Getting Rid of Them (3/5)
7. Get my Car Fixed (2/27/10)
8. Get a Pedicure (10/18/10)
9. Clean Out My Car (1/10/09)
10. Go Skinny Dipping
11. Get Oil Changed on Car (1/10/09)
12. See A Midnight Movie (4/17/09)
13. Have a Buffy, Angel, and Firefly Marathon (1/18/09)
14. ---
15. Enter a Contest (5/6/09)
16. Go on a Picnic
17. Have a Party for My 25th Birthday
18. Install New Speakers on Car (12/28/08)


19. Ride in a Helicopter
20. Get a Passport
21. Take a Completely Impulsive Spur of the Moment Road Trip
22. Go on a Cruise
23. Travel to Another Country (Hopefully Paris)
24. Go to New York
25. See a Broadway Play
26. Go to Disney Land with Brandon
27. Go to a Taping of a TV Show
28. Go to Las Vegas (1/6/10-1/10/10)
29. Watch Cirque du Soleil (1/7/10)
30. Go to Hawaii
31. Go to San Francisco (2/21/09)
32. Visit Yosemite


33. Go Ice Skating
34. Go Skiing
35. Go Snow Boarding
36. Take a Dance Class
37. Get Organized (11/8/10)
38. Drop to 135lb
39. Take a Yoga Class (12/14/10)
40. Get a Bicycle (4/19/09)
41. Find Out My Blood Type
42. Stop Drinking Soda for a Month (30/30) (12/10/08-1/8/09)


43. Visit my Granny’s Grave
44. Visit my Mother’s Grave (1/15/08)
45. Send My Mom Flowers on Her Birthday (9/28/10)
46. Decorate for Christmas 2010 (12/6/10) 
47. Eat Out at a Fancy Restaurant (1/8/10)
48. Get Together With Old Friends (2/21/09)
49. Get Engaged
50. Get Married


51. Graduate College with A.S.
52. Get Financial Aid (8/19/09)
53. Take a Photography Class (8/17/09)
54. Take an Accounting Class (9/7/09)
55. Take a Career Class
56. Take a Nutrition Class (6/15/09)
57. Take an Advanced Physics Class
58. Get an A in One or More Classes Per Semester 3/3
59. Take a Java Programing Class


60. Cook Dinner for a Week (0/7)
61. Read the Harry Potter Books (7/7) (1 12/11-12/08, 2 12/13-21/08, 3 12/21-28/2008, 4 12/28/08-1/20/09, 5 1/20-2/7/09 6 2/7-11/09 7 2/12 - 2/19/09)
62. Learn to Drive a Stick Shift
63. Learn a Whole Song on the Piano and Be Able to Play it on Demand (12/23/10)
64. Organize my Books/DVDS and Put Them in a Database (Decide Which to Keep) (1/30/09)
65. Fill My iPhone with Music and/or Movies (9/15/09)
66. Write Something Comment Worthy on Live Journal (First Comment on Live Journal 12/14/08)
67. Make A Book List (12/10/2008)
68. Read 15+ Book that Are On My Book List (4/15)
69. Learn how to type on a "dvorak" keyboard


70. Have $1,000+ in my savings account
71. Save 1 Dollar a Day, in Cash (Only $1 Bills) (800/1001)
72. Have a Garage Sale (4/18/09)
73. --- (4/18/09)
74. Pay off my Credit Cards (3/6)
75. Buy the DVD Done the Impossible (10/26/09)
76. Buy a Fountain Pen (2/26/09)
77. Invest (at least) $500
78. Get a Video Camera (12/24/08)
79. Get a Telephoto Lens for my Camera (8/28/09)
80. Be at Work at or Before 9 am (1/28/09)
81. Get a Tri-pod (12/24/08).


82. Take a Great Picture of the Full Moon (12/12/08)
83. Frame and Hang One Photo That I Took
84. Find All of My Undeveloped Films and Have Them Developed (Film Bad)
85. Decided What to do With All the Photos that I Have (Make a portfolio/Collage) (10/2/09)
86. Do What I Decided to do With All the Photos I Have
87. Make 2 Custom T-shirts (11/10/10)
88. Finally Decide on a Tattoo, and Get it Done
89. Make a Home Movie
90. Write At Least 4 More Love Letters (4/4) (2/14/2011)
91. Be an Extra in a Movie
92. Teach Somebody to Make an Origami Rose (9/11/09)
93. Make Red Velvet Cake From Scratch (3/7/09)
94. Finish Writing a Story (11/2/09)
95. Make a Scrap Book
96. Make 200 Origami Roses (200/200) (9/1/10)


97. Finish making this list (12/8/08 - 12/27/08)
98. Make Another List (When This One Is Done or Almost Done)
99. Be in a Wedding (12/5/09)
100. Make New House Keys (5/30/09)
101. Read List Once A Week Until Finished or Till September 5, 2011 (Hopefully I Finish First)

Total: 53/101

Hiring: Looking for Love
Moon River

The work place can be filled with many different experiences. These experiences can range from learning new things to meeting new people to traveling to new places. But one thing that most people don’t expect is to find love at work. According to a survey on office romance done by, “43% of workers in United States say they’ve dated a fellow employee; of those, 34% reported getting hitched.” I believe that love can find you anywhere even at work.

The main reason I believe this is because it happened to me. In October of 2007 I was in search of a job. A friend from church, Faye, called and told me about a job that was in my field of study, computers. The only issue was that I had to move out to Tracy, from Hayward. Faye told me the man that owned the business was close to my age and that we might hit it off. I knew that she was joking at the time but maybe she was predicting the future. I didn’t hesitate to call and set up a time that we would meet for an interview.

The interview was not at all what I expected. I expected a building with a store front not just a suite in a complex. Faye did tell me that it was a small business, but I expected to see many employees there, except when I walked in there was only one employee, and it was the owner’s mother, Joan. I also didn’t expect to meet the love of my life. Joan told me to just go in to the office. When I walked in to the office that was when I saw Brandon for the first time. He really did look like he was close to my age, and cute. We talked about what the job required and then I left, the whole interview lasted about 30 minutes. When I was walking out the door I felt confident and cheerful. I felt like I had just found my dream job, and I also would be working with a really cool person.

Within two weeks I was hired and moving to a new town. The first day at my new job Brandon gave me a short training on how the business operated. All I could think about was not messing up. As the day went on I learned so much; a good deal more than I did going to school for the two years prior to that. When lunch time came around Brandon asked me what I wanted and then went and got lunch for us. When it was time to clock out and close up shop I had nothing to do. I was just going to go home and read or finish unpacking. During the day Brandon and I were talking about video games, I mentioned that I had a Nintendo Wii. Brandon asked if we could play it, because he had never played one. I ended up going home at 2am that night, and almost every night after that.

Our relationship was a surprise to everyone, including us. Well maybe not Faye. All of his friends would say that we would be a good couple and would ask us if we liked each other. We would deny it to everyone. One night, about two months after I started working there, Brandon and I were playing video games and watching TV when we started talking about what his friends would all say. After talking for a couple of hours we finally accepted the fact that we really did have feelings toward each other. Ever since then we have been inseparable.

It has been almost two years, we are in love and we live together. Working together has made us a very close couple. Brandon is my best friend along with the love of my life. This is one experience that I am glad I had. Work brought us together, love will keep us together.


Windows 7
Moon River
Happy Windows 7 Day!

Veronica Mars
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(no subject)
Moon River

Ok so this weekend me and my boyfriend went to his brothers house to help them move. The day we left my boyfriend had a bad day. Well he made it out to be a bad day becuase he didn't get to do what he wanted to do. Every little thing made him go off. Like he lost his gel. I was like well it just got missed placed we can get more later. All he could do was yell and move stuff around with really more force then needed. He broke the toilet seat. If he wasn't in such a bad mood maybe we would have been out of the house earler. (Right now I don't care how things are spelled.)
Ok that's all I have about that.

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Writer's Block: Place of Residence
Moon River
Describe your dream house (even if it's not a house).
At this moment my dream house would be a place where I can have my own room. I 23 years old and still don't have a room to call my own. I just want somewhere that I can have privacy and put my stuff; not just in boxes.

I'll actually write about my dream house when I'm in a better mood.

My back
Moon River
I hurt my back today. OWWW! 

Santa Cruz... Spike
Moon River

Tonight we are in Santa Cruz for my birthday. We went to eat and then I saw that there was a midnigt movie of Office Space (my boyfriend said that it was a funny and that I had to see it). When we went to get in line here was this guy in the front of the line. He had bleach blond hair, a black coat on, and his nails were painted black. He look exactly like Spike from Buffy the vampier slayer. It was so funny.

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Life, Bitch
My boyfriends mother has this little dog. It is a yourkipoo. This dog won't shut up. It barks in the middel of the night. I don't know what she is barking at, and I really don't care what it is I just want her to stop. The worst is when she barks at 6 in the morning. I don't have to be up till 8. I want to shut this dog up. The only way I could get it to stop barking is to lock it in a room. But even sometimes she can reach a window and keeps barking.


Computer with Windows 7
Moon River
So my laptop has been causing me problems for the past couple months. I decided to day that I would back up all my files and format and reinstall windows on it.
After backing up all my files, witch took about 4 hours to complete, I remembered that I had a copy of the Windows 7 Beta. I haven't had a computer that I could put it on, until now.
The install took about the same time as an XP install. It didn't have all the drivers up it did have the ethernet driver so I could hook it to the internet to find all the other drivers it was missing.
I wan't to see if Windows 7 is as great as everyone is making it out to be.
The only thing that is not working on the laptop is the wireless, but that has to do with hardware problems. I actually changed my internal wireless card and still get the same problem. I don't know what could cause this problem.


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