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Reading Wicked pt.2
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Ok so I came across another word I didn't know. This one I like:
  1. Badinage - frivolous banter
I didn't know that they had a word for that. I'm going to start using it everyday. (or when the time is right.)

More words:
  1. Nominally - in name only
  2. Amanuensis - stenographer: someone skilled in the transcription of speech (especially dictation)
  3. Terricolous - Living in on, or near ground

Reading Wicked
Moon River
Wicked is one of the book that I have on my list of books that I want to read.
I just started reading it and it is not what I thought it would be.
What I had heard of the book was that it was humorous but that's all. It is a little funny, but also really adult. I mean I didn't expect there to be any sex in the book at all.
Wile I was reading to day I had to look up 3 words that I didn't know the meaning of:
  1. Juxtapose - place side by side
  2. Incongruous - lacking in harmony or compatibility or appropriateness
  3. Acumen - a tapering point
Evan knowing the meaning of the words doesn't help me really understand what they are talking about. I get the gist, but that's it.

Today a customer sent me flowers becuase I helped him with his computer over the phone.

Velvet Cake
101 in 1001
 So I was making Red Velvet Cake when I realized that I didn't have any red food coloring. All that I could find was green, and lots of green. So I make a Green Velvet Cake. Same cake just a different color. It turned out fine.

# 91 on 101 in 1001
Moon River
Today I got this email from one of the Browncoat lists I am on. It said that there is going to be a movie filmed in San Fransisco and they are looking for extras. I was like, "This is god sent." I can't believe that I'm actually doing things from my list. I thought that I would only do some of them and then forget about it. I just can't not think about it sometimes. I hope that I can do the movie thing. It would be great.

Didn't get to go. Couldn't get the time off of work.

Life, Bitch
Back in November my dad asked if he could keep some stuff for my brother in my boyfriends warehouse. He said that it would only have to be there for a week, two max. It is still in there three months latter.
My boyfriend wanted my dad to move it. It is taking up space that he needs. When I talk to my dad about it he just says, "I'll try and see when I can come out there." Even when he is here, (which has only been once), I asked him when is the stuff going to move and again he says it should only be here for a week longer. Yeah what ever with that.
Last night my boyfriend got feed up with it. He wanted the stuff gone, or at least through some stuff away to clean it up a bit. When I called my brother to ask what he wanted he said all of it then he called my dad. My dad called me and said that he kept my stuff in his garage for years, I was 11 when I moved in with my dad, what was I going to do with the stuff. When I moved I took my stuff, my brother just left his stuff with my dad.
I can't believe that he thinks that the two situations are the same. It just shows how much he really cared about me.
My boyfriend decided to keep the stuff for my brother, not my dad. After he tried to talk to him, and had to finally talk to his girlfriend.

UPDATE 2/3/10:
He finally came and got the stuff.

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We Got Robbed
Life, Bitch
Last night the place that I worked got robbed.
At 7:20pm, I was the last to leave the office, I went home to have some dinner then I was going to come back with my boss/boyfriend latter.
We returned to the office at 10:00pm and the office door had been pried open and the front desk had been moved so that it was now away from the wall. The computer on the front desk was gone. They had cut all the wires. Some of the stuff we had on a hight shelve was gone. Also something for the CB, I don't really know. Also a customers laptop. That was about it.
We have a lot of cables on display on the wall, none of them were taken.
The cash drawer, witch had the keys in it, was not touch. There was over $700 in there, I thank God that it didn't get taken.
We had the two office doors open and in one office there were about 10 computer on a shelf in there that didn't get touched. That is great because they are all customer computers. Nothing in ether office had been touched or taken.
We also have a warehouse in the back that has a lot of merchandises and also personal property, none of it was taken. We think that they were only there for about 15-20min, if that.
When the cut the cables for the one computer the power breaker went off and one of the computers we always leave on was off. When we turned the computer back on we could tell when it got the power cut form it. The computer said that it was turned off at about 9:15pm.
I can't believe that, I don't know what scared them off, but if something didn't we could have walked in on them robbing the place.

No Internet
Moon River

The Internet has been down for about four days. I didn't relize how much I still use the Internet. I know I used to be be on it all day everyday, but I thought sence I moved I didn't use it as much. I was way wrong. At least I still have my phone. The inernet should be fixed by tomrrow.

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Last day of 2008
Moon River
Last year I was so happy at this time. I am happy now but not like I was last year. Every thing was still new. Now that I have had time to settle into my life I am happy, but I could also be doing more. When I say more I mean like the 101 things in 1001 day kind of stuff.
That list has given me something to look forward too everyday. I look at it and say, "What can I do to accomplish a task today?" Most of the time it is just reading a Harry Potter book, but other times it's like "Oh I can do that today, yes." I get really happy when I finish a task. It makes me think that I not just laying around all day long.

Moon Picture
Moon River
Full Moon 12/12/2008
Full Moon 12/12/2008 I have always wanted to take a good photo of the moon. The night I took the photo it was just a luck that it was a full moon.


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